The Best Kind of Exercise Bike: Magnetic Fitness Bike

Magnetic fitness bike appears to be better than other types of tension systems and when you know more about this type of system you’ll see that the magnetic resistance of the bike makes it quieter and smoother than other fitness bikes.

The magnetic fitness bike operates with the use of a belt that circles the flywheel and the mechanism allows you to increase or decrease the level of intensity. As a general rule, if the flywheel is heavier and larger then it can withstand carrying a higher resistance level.

The Best Kind of Exercise Bike: Magnetic Fitness Bike

The Best Kind of Exercise Bike: Magnetic Fitness Bike

It used to be that the intensity and the resistance were handled by an air wheel. You need to pedal faster to create a more intense workout. This is far from the magnetic fitness bike where you get to set the intensity at the beginning and straight away reach the intensity you want whether you like it low or high level.

If during the workout you want to change the intensity, you can simply push the button and in just a moment the intensity level is adjusted and you can feel it instantly. It’s simply a mechanical method of controlling the resistance rather than the conventional natural method.

Because of the magnetic fitness bike technology this had allowed the exercise bikes to be programmed with different types of workouts where you can simply choose the type of workout you want and you will experience different intensity levels as if depicting the type of intensity you’d experience from biking on an outdoor setting.

The only negative point to a magnetic bike is that this requires electricity supply. You can find one that is equipped with a plug-in that you can plug onto the wall outlet while others have their own power supply that is self-generating.

For magnetic bikes, the cheapest one around is the Stamina brand. They’re also smooth and quiet like the other magnetic bikes and have other great features and a strong and sturdy bike frame. The Schwinn exercising bikes are also of good quality though more expensive.

If you’re looking for a exercise bike that is the best in the market today then you’ll surely want to grab that magnetic resistance bike. Others may still prefer the air bikes but the magnetic fitness bike gives them the smoother and more pleasurable experience.

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