So far, I really like the Ab Circle Pro machine

If you read all the negative reviews on the AbCirclePro but still want to try it out, go to Bed, Bath and Beyond, if there’s one near you. They have a return policy that presents no hassles at all if you don’t like it.

So far, I really like this machine. I can tell a big change in my stomach already. My only issue with the AbCirclePro is that the handle bars and knee area is kind of uncomfortable. But if you have a pillow that you don’t use with really thick foam, you can cut out pieces to fit in the knee area as well as wrap some of the pieces around the handle bars.

I know that for the price these charge, you probably expect to not have to do anything to it, but if the machine is working otherwise, it’s definitely worth a try.

Stella, Orlando, Florida

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