My Ab Circle Pro started to fall apart piece by piece, first it was the rollers

I read all of the bad reviews on the Ab Circle Pro and, like a lot of other people I went ahead and ordered one anyway. I probably had a little better luck than most because I got to use mine regularly for about a week and a half.

The knee pads WERE a pain and I had a hard time staying focused on the rest of my workout due to fighting the bruising that was happening to my knees the entire time I used the machine. But that wasn’t the worst part.

My Ab Circle Pro started to fall apart piece by piece—literally. First it was the rollers. Then the handle bar started to wobble. Finally, it just totally collapsed with me on it. I had a few bruises but that was all. I implore everyone to please pay attention to those reviews before investing in this scrap metal.

Sheryl, Charleston, West Virginia

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