I bought the AbCirclePro – it was super easy to assemble and a lot of fun to use

I bought the AbCirclePro online in spite of many negative reviews. It was super easy to assemble and a lot of fun to use. In fact, I could actually feel it working on my abs and it was obvious to me the following day that I had had a great workout.

In just a few short weeks, I was able to start seeing some results. The problem is that the machine is made of poor quality materials. In just 2 months, the knee pads had cracked and had to be replaced. Also, if you sweat while working out, the knee pads get slippery and can throw you off the machine.

This happened to me and I couldn’t use it for several weeks because of a badly bruised knee. Within 6 months, the metal saucer had worn through and had to be replaced. Fortunately, the company has great customer service and this was taken care of. If you buy the AbCirclePro, be sure to get the extended warranty.

Lisa, Baltimore, Maryland

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