Ab Circle Pro is an awesome machine as far as the idea goes

To begin with, the AbCirclePro is an awesome machine as far as the idea goes. When you use it the way it’s meant to be used and follow a proper diet, you’ll see results in as little as a couple of weeks.

It really does target your core muscles and all that. However, the machine itself is less than well built. The rollers aren’t very sturdy and tend to dig into the floor, creating some kind of fine dust particles. It also seems to keep feeling as if it’s going to just collapse at times.

But I do really like the AbCirclePro and hope that the company will go back to the drawing board to make it a sturdier product. I have to say, though, that their customer service department is top notch and a pleasure to deal with, which is something you just don’t find too often these days.

Thomas, Miami, Florida

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